Artist Bios List in Alphabetical Order

JB Flying High.jpg

You will notice that my art has been greatly influenced by

the incredibly diverse flora of Australia and my love for all

of the Earth’s creatures.

I have been fortunate enough to have some of my paintings

find their way to Australian and International destinations.



Shelagh Douglas photographs rocks and microscopic images of minerals, translating the patterns, textures and colours onto fabric, with a view to creating wearable fabric art and homewares with a difference.



With the right research we can do anything. Now my work

days are over and I turn my thoughts towards the arts

in any way I can. Oils for portraits, acrylics for abstract,

crayons for harmony, oil pastels for understanding, and

sculpture for all the energy to be released.



I have always lived on farms, and animals have been my

friends. I paint all the animals like friends; I try to see their

expressions and bring that to life. Some of the pictures on

my wall are of friends of mine, friends of friends, or friends

I have yet to meet. I like to instil warmth and life into my

animal pictures, so they look like they want to interact

with you.



I work in all mediums including fabric painting on clothing

and cushions, mixed media, pastels, oils watercolour,

inks, acrylic and pencils of all kinds. I teach classes and

encourage anyone to take up the hobby, stressing it is all

about practice.



Sgraffiti or scraperboard drawing is one of my favourite

mediums when creating works of art. In addition, I enjoy

the challenge of doing fine detailed pen and ink drawings.

I have collected discarded and natural objects all my life

and love to create the collaged pictures that are displayed

in my studio.



Caroline Meathrel-Mack is a hand and digital illustrator,

who goes by the artist name of Polydesign Studio. She

exhibits in Australia and Japan. Her hand illustrations

reflect on human nature and societal norms; the good and

bad that lies in each of us.

Her digitally illustrated fabric prints walk on the lighter

side of life, being whimsical and colourful.




With a pencil

With a pen

With a brush

Making lines filling them in anyone can do this right?

It’s also time consuming

Ongoing practice

Observation skills




I love it.



My favourite medium is working in glass mosaic

using spectacular vibrant colours and glass to reflect

the surroundings. I also paint in oils and have been

experimenting with alcohol inks to produce iridescent and

luminous colours which appear to change with different

angles. It’s all about COLOUR!


Yellow Hare and Flowers.jpg

As an art therapist I also see the healing that can be found in art, to be able to express yourself in any medium as a child or an adult is beautiful, authentic and real.


Display March 2022.jpg

My hope is to capture images that project a unique perspective, be this a subject or a vision that invokes an emotion or a memory.

Another dream of mine is to create images that people may like to own and display. An image that induces an emotion is a gift for me.


As an artist and designer, I have a passion for colour,

texture and pattern. I paint from my heart and create

digital collages featuring cast iron lace work, layered with

multiple images. To inspire creativity in others, I have also

designed paper doll kits incorporating my digital images as

‘paper fabric’.

B. Ed Visual Arts


Instragram: @kokoroexpressions

Facebook: Kokoro Expressions


I take pleasure in reading and investigating art movements

and the biographies of artists and their techniques. My

work is inspired by people and events in my life and I enjoy

exploring ambiguous scenarios or the spaces that hover

between recognition and non-figuration.

MVA (Research)