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My adventure into art began late in life. Following an injury at work, and being unable to continue working, I felt lost and adrift. While idling away time at The Mill, Castlemaine, I met artist Jan Harvey and fell in love with a picture she had painted of a lady milking a cow.

One of the things I missed most was milking my cows, and training cattle for showing. We were still on the farm but the physical labour was beyond me now. We have since sold our farm and moved into Bendigo.

Jan’s picture struck a chord with me, and I said I had always wanted to draw but had no talent for it as even drawing stick figures was beyond me. Jan said I would be surprised, and if I wanted, she would give me a few pointers. I laughed, but we made a time for Jan to tutor me. I was surprised to find I could draw after many such drop-in days.

I fell in love with art and a whole new world opened for me. Life changed from that day. I felt the depression slowly ease as I became more proficient.



Just the ability to achieve something has had a profound effect on my life. I have had some wonderful support from all the other artists at The Drying Shed Artist Space; we are a family of artists more than anything else.

I have always lived on farms, and animals have been my friends. I paint all the animals like friends; I try to see their expressions and bring that to life. Some of the pictures on my wall are of friends of mine, friends of friends, or friends I have yet to meet. I like to instil warmth and life into my animal pictures, so they look like they want to interact with you.

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