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I grew up in Kyneton and had many visits with my dad to the beautiful countryside surrounding the town and through the Macedon Ranges. These trips greatly influenced my love for the wonderful flora and fauna of the area and it is this lifetime affection that has been the inspiration for most of my paintings.

I moved to Rochester in 2003 where I joined an amateur art group. Here I discovered the love and joy of painting. Being a late starter, I can’t say my paintings were wonderful, but at the time I thought I rivalled Michelangelo. In 2008 another move took me to Romsey where I had a large spare room to myself. I got busy filling it with all types of paints brushes, easels, tables etc. I had great days sharing my space with arty friends. I became more confident by trying different subjects, but always came back to my animals and birds. I painted a few portraits in oils, one of them being my mum on a beach in the 1930s. She has great legs, which sadly I did NOT inherit. I also painted my granddaughter. Going through a phase of painting African animals, my house is adorned with large images of lions, tigers, zebras and rhinos.


Lately I have been depicting our beautiful birds of Australia, especially cockatoos. To paint birds is such a privilege, from them building their nests, to caring for their young, they are truly amazing. I also love bright colours so for a change I now and then paint flowers. Apart from my human family, I have another love - my beautiful rescue dog Ruby who sits at my feet while I paint.



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