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I have been a collector of so many things and as a small child to go to the local tip with my father was exciting. With his guidance I always came back to an astonished mother with my bags full of exciting and fascinating objects, and from these I started making collages and pictures. After so many years I am still collecting discarded objects from garage sales, recycle yards and clearing sales.

Unfortunately, tips are now out of bounds. Many visitors to my studio have returned with bags of goodies, corks, buttons, jewellery, etc and I think I have enough supplies to keep very busy for the next fifty years.

Doing fine detailed pen and ink drawings has been a challenge for me throughout my many years as an artist… ho, ho; yes I am an OBE.

To see detail in all forms was taught to me by my father; he was a great teacher and I learnt to see things as I was walking in the bush, on the beach or at home; in other words look and see everything around us. Touching, to feel the texture, also assisted me with my detailed drawings.



In my studio there are many original pen and ink drawings from the book Lost Castlemaine. Also, many local scenes around Castlemaine and the gold fields, including the entrance to The Drying Shed Artist Space.

Sgraffiti, or scraper board drawings, are one of my favourite mediums to create works of art. Scraper board art is a way to create an image using a special board with a black surface layer and white underneath, using a sharp tool to cut into the black to create images. Sadly, this art form is almost a lost art as computers have taken over.

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